CMT Certification / Team Mediation Practitioner

The Center for Mediation & Training (CMT), founded in 1983, has trained over a thousand mediators in both Basic and Advanced Trainings including our Supervised Practicum. We have learned that Mediators need additional training to become competent and confident. We are now pleased to offer a Certification Program where mediators can obtain the skills needed to achieve this. This innovative program consists of:

1. Co-Mediation – You will co-mediate with one of our Mentoring Mediators ­­– Steve Abel, Ada Hasloecher, Ken Neumann, Donna Petrucelli and Rod Wells, with supervision before and after each session.

2. Independent Mediation – When you and the Mentoring Mediator agree that you are ready, you will mediate on your own with continued supervision before and after each session. Some sessions may be videotaped for debriefing purposes (taping in Manhattan location only).

3. Team Mediation – You may work as part of an interdisciplinary team to develop a comprehensive and cost-effective outcome (Manhattan location only).

4. Monthly Seminars – Seminars will be scheduled that will cover the following topics in depth.

a) Parenting Issues
b) Child Support
c) Impasse and Difficult Cases
d) Maintaining a Practice
e) Insurance Issues
f) Retirement Accounts
g) Maintenance
h) Marital Mediation
i) Equitable Distribution
j) Taxes

5. Establishing a Practice – Marketing and increasing your referral base will be emphasized throughout the Program.

6. Private Referrals – After successfully completing the CMT Certification Program, you may apply to join the CMT Referral Network for an additional fee.

7. Prerequisites – Applicants to the Program must have completed a 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training and a 60-Hour Practicum or their equivalents in training and experience.

8. Certification – Participants proceed at their own pace. Certification may take place as early as one year in the Program, providing that the Center determines that your level of competence meets or exceeds the established criteria.

9. Program Fees – The fee is $2,400 which may be paid in monthly installments of $200. Candidates continuing beyond one year may need to pay a matriculation fee of $100/month until their Certification requirements are completed.

10. Supervision Fees – The fee for each Co-Mediation session is $150/contact hour and includes supervision before and after each session. You may supplement your experience by observing a complete mediation for a fee of $1500. The supervision fee before and/or after each session that you do on your own is pro-rated at $200/hour. You will receive 50% of the client fee for any Co-Mediation cases that you refer and 100% of the client fee for any cases that you provide and do on your own.

For more information call The Center at (212)799-4302 or email

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