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March 11, 2018 Workshops: THE 2017 TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT IN THE CONTEXT OF DIVORCE MEDIATION (a 4-Hour Workshop) & WORKING WITH THE TRULY DIFFICULT COUPLE (a 3-Hour Workshop) >> Learn More <<

Past Trainings

Monday, June 20, 2016

Master Training for Mediators and Collaborative Professionals: Participants Will Bring Their Toughest Issues From Their Toughest Cases – “New and Innovative Ways To Deal with Impasse”.

These two Master Mediators and Trainers will again share their over seventy years of combined experience on what they have learned and developed as the cutting edge ways to deal with what we refer to as “impasse” (because we don’t know what to do). You will learn “what to do.”

Presenters: Woody Mosten & Ken Neumann

Friday, June 17 & Saturday, June 18, 2016

Developing a Profitable and Satisfying Peacemaker Practice: Getting More Collaborative and Mediation Cases

Woody has been giving this 2-day Workshop around the country for many years to rave reviews (see his website He starts with the idea that each mediator needs to develop their own “peacemaker signature”. He then has everyone do a “self-survey” and then helps you develop from an “Apprentice” (unconscious incompetence) to a Novice then to a Practitioner and finally to an “Artist” (unconscious competence).

Woody’s whole approach will give us all new ways to work and to grow our practices.

Presenters: Woody Mosten & Ken Neumann

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Morning: Pensions & QDROs: Untangling the Mess

Presenter: Steven Abel

Afternoon: Elder Mediation & Gray Divorce

Everyone understands what we mean by “The Gray Divorce”. But not everyone has thought through the special issues that arise from the emotional (being without a partner at age 65); the financial (“we had enough to retire together”); to the special issues of Pension and Social Security. We will cover all of these issues as well as touch on the field of Elder Mediation.

Presenter: Ken Neumann

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Morning: Maintenance & Child Support Guidelines: Can Anyone Afford to Get Divorced? How To Use the New Formulas


What’s the Best Way to Calculate the Numbers: The Back of a Used Envelope? Family Law Software?
Steve Abel’s Worksheets? Joy Rosenthal’s website?

What’s the Cap – $143,000 or $178,000?

Is there any real difference in the caps?

What’s the difference between child support income and maintenance income?

Do we have to explain why we’re deviating?

Presenter: Steven Abel

Afternoon: Marital Mediation

How do we use our Mediation skills that help coupes end their marriages save their marriages? We will focus on the issues that all couple face and develop Mediation Techniques that will save marriages. We will also look at how to promote our Marital Mediation practice.

Presenter: Ken Neumann

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Maintenance & Child Support Guidelines: Can Anyone Afford to Get Divorced? How To Use the New Formulas
Presenter: Steven Abel

Mediation Techniques
Discussion and Role Plays of the Best Methods
Presenter: Ken Neumann

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2015: Master Training for Mediators and Collaborative Professionals

MORNING: New and Innovative Ways To Deal with Impasse


These two Master Mediators will share their over seventy years of combined experience on what they have learned and developed as the cutting edge ways to deal with “impasse”.


Participants are encouraged to submit case material ahead of time of the toughest issues from their toughest cases. Ken and Woody will first dialogue each case and then open up the discussion to the class.


MORNING: Pre-Nups and Postnuptial Agreements


The emotional issues that always are part of the mediation of prenuptial agreements will be detailed and then dovetailed with the legal points that are usually covered. We will discuss the different circumstances related to living together, death, and divorce. The issues of full disclosure and the role of Review Attorneys will also be explored.

AFTERNOON: Complex Child Support Arrangements


The child support guidelines are not for everyone. In mediation, many couples work out complex expense sharing agreements. Other couples use maintenance instead of child support because of their tax situation. This training will give you the tools to help couples who want these more cooperative, but complex, approaches.

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