Contents Page of the Basic Divorce Mediation Training Manual

Our 500-page training manual will be provided to all participants. Its contents are below.


1. Program Outline 1-6
2. What is Fair? A1-7
3. Winning Through Accommodation A8-13
4. Divorce as a Legal and/or Personal Event A14-15
5. Emotional Aspects of Divorce for Adults A16-17
6. Divorce Induced Regression A18-20
7. Family Life Cycle A21-29
8. Litigation, mediation and the psychology of divorce A30-40
9. NYSCDM Standards of Practice & Protocols A41-44
10. Emotional Impact on Children A46-49
11. Framing Statements for Parenting Issues A50-51
12. Custody and Visitation Arrangements A52-53
13. The Determination of Child Custody A65-86
14. SPIDR, AAA, ABA Standards of Practice A87-90
15. ABA Standards of Practice for Lawyer Mediators A91-96
16. AFM Standards of Practice A108-112
17. Guide to Retirement Plans A155-145
18. Client Information Forms B1-5
19. Mediation Contract NY B6
20. Attorney’s Mediation Retainer letter B7-9
21. Decisions to be Made in Mediation B11-14
22. Budget B15-22
23. AFM Sample Guideline Standard for Memorandum B28-35
24. Review Attorney Forms. B55-56
25. Attorney’s Consulting Retainer Letter B57-60
26. Mediation Contract NJ B61-62
27. Sample Memorandum of Understanding B63-69
28. Sample Valuation B70-84
29. Outline of Legal Issues C1
30. New York State Domestic Relations Law C2-13
31. Vocabulary of Divorce C14-17
32. Child Support Outline & Article – New York C18-23
33. Child Support — New Legislation C24-30
34. Child Support — A/B Expenses C31-37
35. Capital Gains Tax Worksheet C38
36. Bibliography C39-44
37. Homework D1
38. Child Support Homework D2-4
39. Child Support Worksheets – NY D5-8
40. Task Questionnaire D9-10
41. Evaluation. D11-12
42. Mediation Organizations D13
43. Malpractice Insurance D14
44. Sessions 1 to 6 E1-29
45. Intakes E30-35
46. Budget E36-44
47. Tax Return E45-50
48. Memorandum of Agreement E51-56
49. Separation Agreement E57-91
50. Flower Shop Appraisal E92-93
51. Power & Control Wheel F1-2
52. Gentle Jeopardy by Barbara Hart F3-10
53. Mediation Triage by Linda Girdner F11-17
54. Why Doesn’t She Leave Him by Ann Jones F18

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