Divorce Mediation Training Supervised Practicum

Our Supervised Practicum is open to students who have completed basic training in divorce mediation. Applicants who have taken other mediation seminars will be considered, but priority is given to those who have completed the Center’s Basic Training.

The Practicum furthers your experience in the hands-on craft of mediation. As a student, you will mediate divorcing couples and will be directly observed by the faculty and students using live video. The sessions are videotaped for subsequent in-depth critiquing.

Students work in pairs, each mediating at least one couple to conclusion. We attempt to match students for complementary skills to assure the greatest learning and the most effective service for the divorcing couple. In addition, you observe the mediation sessions of other students in your class.

Each mediation session is followed by an analysis and critique by the students and the trainer. Rigorous case discussion develops your ability to use a growing repertoire of strategies and interventions.

Each Practicum is limited to eight students to ensure the most productive environment for growth. The fee is $2,400, payable over the course of four months. The program is offered in 3-hour segments for 20 weeks, and may be taken on Wednesday evenings.

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