Basic Divorce Mediation Training

The Center’s Basic Training program, usually given on two weekends (five days), provides a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical and practical issues of divorce mediation. It includes an overview of the emotional process of divorce, the economic and legal issues, and the theory and technique of mediation in divorce related disputes. A substantial part of our program is the extensive use of role-play exercises where all students get opportunities to be the mediator as well as one of the divorcing parties.


The Association for Conflict Resolution requires a total of 60 hours of family mediation training, 250 hours of face-to-face practice, 25 mediated cases, two years experience as a mediator, and the submission of two agreements for acceptance as an Advanced Practitioner Member. The 60 hour requirement includes 40 hours of divorce mediation training, 2 hours of domestic violence training, and 4 hours of case consultation with an ACR-accredited Advanced Practitioner. The additional 20 hours may be met with case consultation, graduate courses, and workshops, including the Center’s Supervised Practicum. Our Basic Training in Divorce Mediation has been approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution as a 40-hour comprehensive divorce mediation training. Completion of basic training may be applied toward partial fulfillment of the requirements for Practitioner Membership in ACR. 40-hour Basic Training also includes two hours of introduction to Domestic Violence issues, as required by both the Association for Conflict Resolution and the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation.

Training Location

Unless otherwise indicated, our basic divorce mediation training is held at the Watson Hotel (formerly the Holiday Inn Midtown), located at 440 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019. Tel. 212-581-8100.

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