Divorce Mediation Training Programs

Why Our Program is Different
While there is increasing public demand for divorce mediation, the availability of well trained mediators has not increased accordingly. Most training programs have consisted of “five-day” workshops with little or no follow-up. Only a few graduates of such programs establish successful mediation practices.

The premise of our BASIC TRAINING, SUPERVISED PRACTICUM, and Internship, is that mediation is a professional practice that, like other professional practices, must be mastered through hands-on experience. Theory without practice does not enable the professional to offer mediation services to the public.

By combining theory with practice, the graduate can attain a meaningful level of competence and confidence as prerequisites to private practice. A combination of Basic Training, Supervised Practicum, and Internship constitute an appropriate investment of time to acquire genuine proficiency in divorce mediation.

Unlike programs with one trainer, the CENTER’S BASIC TRAINING exposes the student to the different backgrounds and approaches of at least three different mediators. The richness and depth provided by multiple trainers is part of our commitment to providing the best possible training.

Learn more about our basic and advanced divorce mediation training programs.

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